Important: Read before completing your registration form


You will be required to type your initials in a box on your registration form, indicating your understanding and agreement to this Hold Harmless Agreement.

I hereby grant permission and authority to Evangelical Free Church of Chico, herein referred to as EFCC, its officers, and authorized employees, agents or volunteers to act for me in executing verbal instructions or if unable to contact designated emergency contact, to act for me in dealing with physicians, available ambulance companies, and hospitals, to obtain, prompt medical attention for the participant named above in the event of any perceived medical emergency. I hereby covenant and agree to release EFCC, it’s Elders, employees, agents, volunteers and/or officers and hold harmless from liability for any injury or damage sustained while participating in the EFCC Women’s Retreat 2019, or participating in any activity sponsored by EFCC and from any liability connected with obtaining prompt medical attention. It is further understood that I will be responsible for the costs of all medical services obtained pursuant to this authorization.


The Image/Interview Release is optional and you will be asked to indicate your decision by typing your initials in the designated box on your registration form.

In connection with participation in the Women’s Retreat 2019 events/activities, I hereby grant to EFCC, its successors and those acting under its authority the right to use participant’s name, image and/or interviews in all forms of media including website and related promotion. I grant this right without compensation and release EFCC, its successors and those acting under its authority from any claim that may arise regarding such use, including claims of defamation, invasion of privacy, or infringement of rights of publicity or copyright.

Please note: When completing your registration form, you will be asked to initial that you have read and agree to the above releases.