“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.”
Acts 1:8

The Evangelical Free Church of Chico (EFCC) believes this Scripture and puts it into action. We support missionaries in Chico, the United States and in foreign countries. We also provide opportunities for individuals and families to experience the mission field for themselves through service to the local community in Chico and trips to other countries. In past we have coordinated trips to Mexico, Guatemala, Panama, Russia and South Africa.

If you would like to help financially support in general any of the missionaries that we support, click HERE. To support a specific missionary, please go to their own webpage link if provided. 

Local & State

Ian Carlisle (Ambassadors of Reconciliation Ministries “ARM”) – Ian and his wife Roxanne live in Oroville, CA, where since 2012 Ian serves as Lead Chaplain and founding CEO of ARM, a jail chaplaincy outreach to inmates in the Butte County Jail. He visits inmates, recruits and trains mentors who meet weekly with inmates for discipleship training with our Navigators curriculum, and recruits, trains and equips inmate leaders in the jail pods to facilitate daily Bible study, prayer, spiritual growth and evangelism among the inmates themselves. Ian also meets with pastors and churches in Butte County to challenge and train them to reach out to “the least of these” right here among us. To learn more about ARM, click HERE.

John Merrill (Son Works)

Andrew & Bonnie Burger (Campus Crusade for Christ “Cru”) – Andrew and Bonnie are team leaders with Cru at CSU Chico and Butte College. “Our passion is reaching college students, building them up in their faith and sending them out in their faith into the world! Through Cru, we are trusting God to build spiritual movements everywhere so that everyone knows someone who truly follows Jesus.”

Josh & Adrienne Payne (Cru) – Josh is the Ministry Team Leader for CRU at CSU Chico and Butte College. “Cru is a caring community, passionate about connecting people to Jesus Christ. We are trusting God to change lives by the power of His gospel at Chico State, Butte College and beyond!”
To learn more about the Payne family, click HERE.

Evan & Kelly Peterson (Cru) – “We have been serving at Chico State since 2015, and have seen God do many exciting things since then. We love getting to serve and reach out to lost students at Chico. Many don’t know where to find a community of believers, or don’t know Jesus. It’s a blessing to get to serve them! Thank you for your prayers and support as we seek to reach students at Chico State and Butte College with the Gospel. It is because of your partnership that we are able to see God work in the lives of these students!”
To learn more about Chico Cru, click HERE.
To learn more about the Petersons, click HERE.

Alyssa & Jacob Read (InterVarsity Christian Fellowship) – Alyssa works with college students at Chico State University and Butte College as a team leader for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. Their vision is for every student to have the chance to be seen, known and loved by God and their community. Please pray for the American and International students they are reaching.
To learn more about Chico State InterVarsity, click HERE.

Joel and Virginia Cook (AWANA NorCal) – Joel and Virginia have served northern California since 2007. As Awana Missionaries, they serve the local churches that are considering using Awana and provide all the training to get the club started. They also provide on-going training as needed and organize a fall conference to equip leaders to reach kids so they can change the world.
To learn more about the Cooks, click HERE.

Caleb & Alexius Alldrin (Campus Crusade for Christ “Cru”) – “We seek to engage college students in San Francisco with the Gospel, a hope often hidden in this fast-paced, disillusioned culture. There is a great need in America’s cities for the body of Christ to bridge racial, cultural, and economic barriers with Christ’s love. We hope to empower and equip students to live into their identity in Christ and be mobilized to steward their gifts toward the Great Commission.”
To learn more about San Francisco Cru, click HERE .


Luke & Megan Bryant (Campus Crusade for Christ “Cru”) – “We have the great opportunity and blessing to share the Gospel with students at San Jose State and beyond, get to disciple them, and help them multiply their faith with co-workers, classmates, and family. We have a vision for multiplying movements through the Bay Area and world so that everyone has a chance to respond to the Good News of Jesus Christ.”
To learn more about the Bryant family, click HERE.


Peter & Tanya Kinney (Cadence International) – Our family directs a Hospitality House Ministry that serves Luke Air Force Base. We share the gospel and our lives with the military community, our primary focus being with young, single airmen. We provide a home away from home for these young men and women – to love, disciple, mentor and be present in their lives.
To learn more about the Kinney family and Cadence International, click HERE.

Lauren Ayala (Cru) – “I felt my calling to come to Puerto Rico out of a desire to see Latino (Puerto Rican) students raised up and won to Christ, that they would grow in following God, and learning to have an authentic relationship with God. That through this relationship and life change they would see the need to share Christ with others whether those be their families, classmates, co-workers, etc. The students in Puerto Rico are going places, off the island, as well as on the island and I can imagine what it might look like for these students to go where they are sent as an ambassador for Christ.”
To learn more about Miss Ayala, click HERE.

Josh & Kelley Otto (Cru) – “Our mission is to see the college students of Puerto Rico won to Christ, built up in their faith, and sent out to reach their island – and ultimately the world – with the Gospel. Still in the wake of the destruction of Hurricane Maria and grappling with a debt of over 70 billion dollars, Puerto Rico is in a very unique place right now and needs believers to share the true Gospel more than ever. Their desire is to be a part of seeing God do an incredible work in this difficult season of Puerto Rico, specifically through college students who are poised to be key influencers – not only in their territory, but everywhere they go.


Jon & Jenny Davis (World Venture) – Jon and Jenny Davis have worked in Uganda since 2007. Jon has founded The Ideas Workshop which is an organization that combines Bible study and life on life discipleship with trade training and a metal fabrication workshop. Jenny is enlarging their lending library for both national and missionary homeschooling families. They have 3 children, Meg, Dan, and Emily.
To learn more about The Ideas Workshop, click HERE.


Spas & Christina Stoimenovi (Global Outreach International)
– The Stoimenovi family works with orphans and children-at-risk in Bulgaria. Their goal is to share God’s love with children without parental care, while helping them to discover and use their God-given talents. Their purpose is for these children to have eternal life in Christ while living full lives here on earth and in turn, shining God’s light throughout Bulgarian society.
To learn more about the Stoimenovi family, click HERE.

Micah & Taryn Wilson (Students International) – With Students International, Micah and Taryn are focused on community development through Holistic Ministry. They will be joining a team made up of Nicaraguan’s and North Americans ministering to the local community through sites such as education, health care, microfinance, and social work. Micah will be working with local farmers developing more sustainable farming practices, introducing organic fertilizer and helping develop irrigation infrastructure.
To learn more about the Wilson family, click HERE.

Ben & Jeanne Beckner (International Messengers) – “Mobilizing French Churches for Cross-cultural and Global Mission.” The Beckners planted churches with ReachGlobal in Belgium from 1978 to 1996. Ben and Jeanne relocated to Lyon, France, in 1997 to lead the ReachGlobal West Europe Area in its church planting efforts in five countries through training and mentoring until 2005. Since their move to Lyon until the present time, Ben and Jeanne have been involved in local ministry in France’s second largest city through participation in a church plant, Christian Literature Outreach, and leading Bible study groups in both French and international churches. Ben and Jeanne transferred from ReachGlobal to International Messengers in 2010. Since 2012, Ben is serving as adjunct professor of missions at the Geneva Bible Institute in Switzerland and has published articles in missiological and historical journals in both France and North America.
To learn more about International Messengers, click HERE.

Tim & Susan Driscoll (OMF International) – Tim and Susan Driscoll are leading the OMF Kanto area missionaries and short term workers, helping OMF’s work in Japan to be strategic and the missionaries to be joyful and effective. They are mobilizing more workers, training missionaries and equipping the Japanese church to reach the 99% of Japanese who have not heard the Gospel.
To learn more about the Driscoll family, click HERE.

Matt & Karissa Long (Ethnos 360 – formerly called New Tribes Mission) – “Our goal is to go to an unreached people group, learn their language, teach literacy, translate the Bible, and teach God’s Word to them.  The end goal is to help plant a self-functioning mature church that can then reach others.  Right now we are serving in support roles in Papua New Guinea as we wait for another family to join our team.”
To learn more about the Long family, click HERE.

Vitaly & Marina Petrov (Trinity Video Seminary “TVSeminary”) – In order to fulfill our mission statement “To teach the truth of God’s word to the most people using the best available teachers and methods,” we choose to develop worldwide online Distance Learning Educational program on the Bachelor and Master level that is based on professional videotaping of Theological and Bible courses. Then we edit, dub over and organize these courses into user-friendly Moodle based online programs for students that are speaking different languages of FSU and other countries. We have already recorded over 150 courses and seminars (over 2500 actual hours of video). We also have over 2600 of our own online students in more then 40 countries (and we are adding about 100 new student every month). Many other Christian Schools and organizations in the world (include TEDS, Chicago) are also using for their students our video lectures and online courses incorporated in their curriculum and programs.
To learn more about TVS, click HERE.
Go to our YouTube channel HERE for free access to TVS courses.

Ken & Nancy Anderson (Biblical Education by Extension “BEE”) – The Andersons are serving as itinerant missionaries in East Asia by providing biblical and missiological training for pastors, leaders and missionary practitioners.
More specific information is available by email to kla377@gmail.com.

Henry & Nicky Wang (Ripe for Harvest) – Henry and Nicky work to see indiginously led, Biblically-based house churches established in unreached areas of East Asia.  They do church planting, leadership training, evangelism, discipleship, and Bible instruction.  They also take regular trips to orphanages to bring love and care to the orphans there.
To learn more about Wang family, click HERE.

Russ & Shar W (Pioneers) – Russ and Shar are serving in church planting, education and community development in SE Asia. They are working with nationals and internationals in a disciple-making ministry.
For more information contact the church office.

Kevin & Leah Book-Satterlee (United World Mission) – Kevin and Leah direct a one-year mission apprenticeship program base on Immersion, Incarnation, and Innovation alongside national ministerial leadership. Besides seeing young adults explore their missional call by participating in what God is doing cross-culturally, Leah and Kevin have a passion to equip churches to engage their local communities missionally. They have a passion to proclaim and demonstrate Christ’s transformative Gospel particularly in post-Christian contexts.
To learn more about the Book-Satterlee family and Avance Espana, click HERE.