Project Description

Grow Deep, Live Tall
A Study Through Colossians

An expository message series through Colossians that captures the orchard imagery of being well-rooted in Christ so that the strong winds of false teachings and of the inner impulses of the sinful nature don’t blow you over. To be “rooted” you must focus on the supremacy of Christ and His Gospel, which is bearing fruit locally and around the world. Go deep and live tall in Christ – otherwise, you may stay shallow and fall for anything.

  1. A Fruitful Life
  2. The Root of the Fruit
  3. The Farmer’s Sweat Equity
  4. The Root System of a Solid Faith
  5. Discovering the Secret of Triumphant Living
  6. Danger-Proof Your Faith
  7. The Eternal Internal & External Difference
  8. Impact the World from Your Branch
  9. The Farm Hands