Project Description

Neal Brower: “God is Doing Something Unimaginable” 19.06.03

Josh Ascherman: “Missing Eden, Mourning Abel, and Raising Cain” 18.11.25

Steve Wilent: “According to John”  18.09.16

Pastor Ed Glover: “Hearing the Voice of God” 18.07.08

Gaylord Enns: “Ultimate Worship” 18.07.01

Missionary Tim Driscoll: “Good News of Great Joy for All the People” 18.04.29

Author Ray Norman: “Into All the World: The Simple Why and How of the Church’s Global Mission” 18.04.15

Chaplain Ian Carlisle: “All Things Made New” 18.04.08

Josh Payne:  “Idolatrous – The Human Condition” 17.11.05

Josh Ascherman: “A Tale of Two Selves: Letting Go of the Life Christ Died to Replace” 17.08.27

Pastor Ed Glover: “Overcoming Temptation” 17.07.23

Vic Lacey: “Technology, Social Media, Jesus and Your Digital Life-How It All Fits Together” 17.07.17

Gaylord Enns: “What’s New?” 17.07.02