Project Description

Every Member a Minister

“From Selfies to Someone Elsies” is the first message in this series which moves listeners from “Me!” to “We!” Where is your focus: Self or Service to others? God designed you so when you serve others you experience joy and bring Him glory. You have been given a “super power” from God for serving. Do you know what it is and how it fits into what God is doing? Don’t miss “Using Your Skill for God’s Will” or “The Makeup Wake Up for Maximum Ministry.” Practical counsel for maximum living.

  1. From Selfies to Someone Elsies
  2. What’s Your Superpower?
  3. The Super Bowl’s Analogy for Successful Living
  4. Uploading Superpowers for a Worthwhile Cause
  5. Receive What it Takes
  6. Using Your Skills for God’s Will
  7. The Makeup Wake Up for Maximum Ministry
  8. What Happens To You Can Happen Through You