Project Description

Living Life to Win!

When someone says ‘Game on!’, it means that they are accepting a challenge or they are ready to get something done. If you say, “Game on!” you mean that you are ready for something challenging to begin. Beginning one of the most powerful messages on the last days before the return of Christ, Pastor Lou sets up this series which delves into several passages from
2 Timothy while covering other pertinent Scriptures for Living Life to Win.

The challenge: Are you willing to live a godly life in Christ Jesus no matter what? Do you want to be used of God and fulfill your purpose for living? Are you willing to move from passive spectator to active participant with what God is doing? If so, say, “Game On!” (I accept that challenge!) and let these motivating messages equip you as a minister for Christ.

  1. It’s Time to Discover the Meaning of Life
  2. It’s Time to Ask God to Use Me
  3. It’s Time to Activate My Gifts
  4. It’s Time to Open My Heart to Those in Need
  5. It’s Time to Break Free of Selfishness
  6. It’s Time to Walk Across the Room