Project Description

Developing a Focus
That Matters

This message series covers the top four relationship-busters between us and God (and other people). We can readily admit that there are many distractions that move us away from hearing God’s voice, obeying His Word, and fulfilling our purpose. Grace and the Holy Spirit inside us enable us to fix our eyes upon Jesus, to be doers of the Word and not hearers only, and to be faithful to the vision God has given us to fulfill. We need to move from being fragmented to being focused!

  1. Idols & Attitudes: Distracted by Misplaced Values – Humans were created for a close and intimate relationship with God. Anything taken out of proportion can become a false god to us. Removing idols by loving God with our entire being is possible.
  2. Distractions from God, Developing a Focus that Matters – God wants a relationship with us. Is modern day technology, social media, the internet or anything else coming between you and your relationship with God?
  3. From Clutter to Clarity: Focusing on the Savior, not “the Stuff” – Just how much money and how many things will make you happy? If your answer is, “Just a little more!” then it would be good to do a soul check. Again, do you possess your possessions or do they possess you? Find out how to seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness while enjoying material things in proper perspective.
  4. The Barrenness of Busyness vs. the blessing of Being with the Lord – Two things form a solar eclipse from the SON: Distraction and Busyness. We all suffer from Spiritual A.D.D. (Attention Deficit Disorder). What is the cure? B.U.S.Y. stands for Burdened Under Satan’s Yoke. How can we break free? Listen and learn the antidote to distraction and the key to gaining freedom from busyness.