Project Description

Courage to Face Tomorrow

Why study prophecy? Did you know that for every single reference to the first coming of Christ, there are eight references to His second coming? When we stop to think that one-third of the Bible contains prophecy, we need to study it in order to understand the full counsel of God. What the Book of Revelation is to the New Testament, the Book of Daniel is to the Old Testament. Prophecy assures us of God’s sovereignty and providential care, motivates us to pray and study the Word, gives us discernment against false teaching and last-days deception, and objectively confirms the validity of our faith.

Daring Faith: Courage to Face Tomorrow is a dynamic and clear expository message series of Daniel, chapters 7-12. Be comforted, challenged, encouraged, and empowered by this Spirit-anointed in-depth message series. Share it as a witness to others as well. This is a message series for our times and a warning about the times to come.

  1. The Future Revealed
  2. God’s Incredible Plan
  3. A View of History from God’s Vantage Point
  4. Everything You Need to Know About the Antichrist
  5. A Special Close-up Shot of the Future
  6. The Prayer That Changes Everything!
  7. The Unstoppable Plan of God
  8. The Connection of Prayer to Understanding Prophecy
  9. The End of the Age; What’s Next?