Ways to Serve the Camp Fire Survivors
through EFCC and in the Community

(Check back often for updates)

EFCC Crisis Care Outreach

Join us as we minister to and love on Camp Fire survivors. Choose a team and volunteer by clicking the link and completing the form. The team leader will be in contact with you.

This team is led by Lois Johnson (loisnormajohnson@yahoo.com) and will:

  • be on a prayer chain email
  • meet at team-agreed designated prayer times
  • possibly organize prayer walking groups in affected areas
Join the Prayer Team

This team is led by Jessica Merrill (jessica.merrill@hotmail.com) and will be:

  • (each team member) contacting 2-5 of our 148 evacuees that were sheltered here 11/8-11/11
  • stay in touch with these folks through visiting them, if possible
  • offering support and encouragement, emotionally and spiritually
  • be prepared to remain in touch for the “long haul”
  • inviting them to church services and events, accompanying them
Join the Visiting Team

This team is led by Megan Sathrum (megan@sathrum.com) and Chris Griggs (simplywen14@gmail.com) and will be:

  • organizing furniture/household item donation offers through our website
  • organizing furniture/household item needs through our website
  • matching these items with the Camp Fire survivors through personal contact
  • helping to coordinate pick-up and delivery of items
Join the Resource Team

This team is led by Suzanne Brayton (srbrayton1@gmail.com) and will be:

  • assisting survivors with all types of form processing
  • helping them with the next steps of available resources
  • offering encouragement and support, emotionally and spiritually
Join the Advocacy Team

Samaritan’s Purse
International Disaster Relief

Samaritan’s Purse Volunteer Opportunites NOW

* Volunteer time to work at a table to receive work orders from Evacuees

Call  their Disaster Relief Volunteer Hotline at 530.815.8406

Samaritan’s Purse Disaster Relief Camp Fire Response will begin sifting properties after the fire is fully contained and homeowners are allowed to return to what is left of their homes. Click below to find out how you can help when that time comes.