Looking to serve in our AWANA children’s ministry?  Choose from different roles based on your spiritual gifts, talents, personality, and interests.  Read the descriptions to find out where you belong.

Oversees the entire Awana club.  Responsibilities include communicating vision, shepherding leaders, managing administrative duties and communicating to church leadership, parents, children, and leaders.

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Provides administrative support by maintaining attendance and achievement records, tracking inventory and placing orders.

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Oversees one age-specific Awana clubs (Cubbies, Sparks or T & T). Responsibilities include communicating vision, shepherding leaders, managing administrative duties and communicating to church leadership, parents, children, and leaders.

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Plans and leads age-appropriate games during Game Time. May direct Game Time in one or more clubs on the same night.

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The Store Director is in charge of the AWANA Store.  This store occurs at the end of each semester (2x per AWANA season) and allows student to buy toys and other fun items with the “AWANA bucks” that they have earned by memorizing Scripture or participating in other ways.  The store is both an award and a major incentive for students.

The Store director oversees the following:

  • Purchasing all items for the store (with a pre-approved budget and donations received) prior to each Store Night.  Store items (over 1,000 items) must be categorized, cataloged and age-appropriate for each AWANA group.
  • Recruiting and managing 10 or more volunteers to prepare for the store and help run the store on both Store Nights.
  • Managing the budget by tracking expenses and submitting receipts to the church for all purchases.
  • Seek out donations to help cover expenses.
  • Work with AWANA Commander to give progress updates and communicate with families about the store.
  • Create signage and set up stores a day or so in advance of Store Night.
  • Communicate with the Facilities Manager to reserve space for the store and set-up time.

Teaches children or youth age-appropriate Bible lessons in a large group setting.

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Click HERE to read about the T&T Leader role.

Leads song time in an age-appropriate way in a large group setting. May sing, play an instrument and/or lead hand motions.

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Supports the leader by listening to kids recite sections during Handbook Time.

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Runs tech booth (lights and/or audio/visual) for the opening of Awana club each week

Work at home to prep crafts (for over 50 Cubbies) from a number of pre-determined choices each week.

Occasionally provide easy snacks for 60+ kiddos.

The Awards Coordinator is responsible for the following:

  • Attending AWANA night and running the award table where children arrive throughout the night to receive the award that they have just earned in class.
    • Awards consist of badges, jewels to attach to badges, pins, and patches.  This can be detailed work and requires some hand strength.
    • You and your helper will prepare the appropriate award and attach it to the child’s uniform.
  • Recruiting other helpers to run the award table with you and to help prepare some awards at home during the week.
  • Being approachable and encouraging to the student with whom you interact.

Some of the AWANA awards that are earned throughout the year, need some preparation before they are ready for the students to receive.  This job is usually done at home prior to AWANA night every week.  All award materials will be provided.

Assist parents and children as they sign into Awana club each week.

Give a friendly smile and welcome parents and children to EFCC’s Awana club.  Recognize, welcome and assist anyone who is new to Awana club.

Distribute Awana bucks to children as they arrive.  Awana Bucks are given as a reward for those children who bring their Bible, bring their handbook, bring a friend and wear their uniform.

Assist the Commander and Leaders by patrolling the campus and running errands during club.

Arrive early on campus to welcome families and direct traffic and/or arrive before club ends to ensure the safety of families and direct traffic.

Check-out volunteers are responsible for the following:

  • Arrive promptly at a pre-determined time (sometime between 7 – 7:30 pm).
  • As parents approach, make sure they have their pick-up tag or a picture of the tag available.
  • Attention to detail in this task is a key to keeping our children safe.  No child shall be allowed to leave with an adult who does not have a tag or a picture of a tag matching the childs code.
  • By 8 pm, your job is complete.  All children should have been picked up by this time.


If you have completed the application process which includes a Live Scan background check you are preapproved to serve at any event with children and EFCC.

If you are unsure if you are preapproved, please contact the church office for verification before proceeding.


If you have never volunteered with any EFCC Children’s Ministry activity OR you have volunteered but haven’t completed a background check, you will need to complete the Children’s Ministry Volunteer Application located below.

If you are signing up to be an AWANA Club volunteer, first click and read our Statement of Faith, Standards for Leadership and Applicant’s Statement below.  You will be asked to acknowledge that you have read these documents as part of the online application process.


After you have completed your application, return to this page and select the volunteer station where you would like to serve.


If you are volunteering at AWANA and you have children who are too young to participate in the program we will provide childcare while you are serving.

Be sure to sign your child(ren) up below.

Childcare Registration