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Part-time Custodian
To serve the Evangelical Free Church by providing custodial services to maintain a clean and pleasant environment, ready for the church to gather for the various activities. Also, perform security checks to maintain a secure facility.


1. Maintain the physical appearance of the church so that it appears clean and well-kept at all times.
2. Maintain a well-organized working environment.
3. Provide set-up for scheduled meetings and activities as needed.
4. Maintain a pleasant customer service attitude toward all.
5. Provide for daily security checks as per agreed upon schedule and late security check as per agreed schedule.
6. Perform periodic special cleaning projects, e.g. clean carpets, clean windows, seasonal extra cleaning.
7. Cooperate with lay volunteers as they assist with cleaning and setups.
8. Open and walk thru entire facility on Sunday mornings and make sure all is ready for services. Provide lock up after services.
9. Assist in other duties assigned by supervisor.
10. Work in cooperation with the supervisor and other custodial staff for providing back-up and other tasks as conditions change from week to week.

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Childcare Worker
Hours vary depending on events held at the church. The primary role of a childcare worker is to ensure a safe, secure, nurturing, clean and efficient care to our children. Your responsibilities include playing with the children or directing his/her play, reading to, praying for each child, exhibiting Christ-like patience and love.
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Please contact our Business Administrator, Karan Belmonte, at karan@efcchico.org for information on job opportunities.